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Play Pits

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services provided

CMO Support, Website Upgrade, Logo and Style Guide, Channel Development, Email Management, and Brand Expansion

Available at 365 Target Stores.

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Play Pits, an all-natural deodorant brand founded by Chantel Powell, a busy mother of three, working professional, and wife.


We have contributed to the marketing and brand development of Play Pits since it's inception in 2018, and Ivy Scott took on the role of Chief Marketing Officer in 2020.  Through IV League Marketing's fractional CMO services, we provided executive leadership and advisement as Play Pits prepared for its first major retail partner, Target (now in 365 stores nationwide).



Through our strategic marketing leadership, Play Pits achieved remarkable outcomes:

Website Upgrade & Enhanced Performance

Successfully managed the overhaul of Play Pits' website, resulting in improved user experience, streamlined navigation, and optimized product pages.

Omni Channel Development & Consistency

Implemented cohesive marketing strategies across all channels and partnerships.

Established Style Guide & Clearly Defined Brand Identity

We developed a comprehensive style guide that encompassed Play Pits' brand elements, including logo, colors, fonts, and tone of voice.

Brand Expansion

With our strategic guidance, Play Pits successfully expanded its brand into 365 Target stores, reaching a wider audience and driving sales growth.

Strategic Marketing Execution

We work closely with the leadership team to develop strategic marketing plans, both annually and quarterly, aligned with the company's business goals.

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In-House Marketing Resources

IVLeague Marketing provides the necessary resources and expertise to execute marketing initiatives effectively.

Trusted CMO Support

CEO Chantel has time to dedicate towards research and development, product portfolio expansion, speaking engagements, leadership summits, and partnership development.



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2023 Black Business Lift UP Challenge

During Black History Month we challenged other black-owned businesses to unify our voices, power, and reach. We frequently receive requests to host social media raffles but rarely notice an impact. We devised a strategic campaign that would leverage cross-promotion reach with a "power in numbers" approach.


NIL & Ambassor Program

Designed a brand ambassador program that leverages our target audience (athletic kids and college students) to generate content, promote our product, and build community. This program offers mutual benefits as participants gain practical skills to manage their careers, receive mentorship/networking , all while earning income.

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The Fresh Fitness Reset

Created a lifestyle campaign for Play Pits that aimed to foster a healthy and active lifestyle among moms and kids, effectively demonstrating the effectiveness of Play Pits products through a campaign titled "Putting Play Pits To The Test".




Marketing Direction After The Loss of Products To Continue Sales & Pursue Funding Opportunities

September 13, 2022, Play Pits warehouse and headquarters was destroyed in fire due to a neighboring business explosion. As CMO, Ivy Scott immediately implemented a communication and recovery plan.

Crisis PR & Communication Plan Development

We obtained as much information about the fire specifics, potential risks, and impacts of the damage; then, communicated with pertinent stakeholders and teams to devise an informed plan of action.  

Helped Play Pits Win Over $100k Through Social Grant Competitions & Fundraising

Strategized the Play Pits Recovery Initiative, a project developed to build awareness around the crisis, communicate delays, and relay customers to other Play Pits options for purchasing products.

Through our persistent effort of pushing this program and media coverage, we obtained over $100k through public donations and grand competitions grant competitions that led to winning over $100K in grants and donations, plus numerous earned media appearances.

  • Website Landing Page

  • Email Campaign

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Media Opportunities

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Email Management & copywriting



Through our strategic marketing leadership, Play Pits achieved significant outcomes, including marketing channel expansion, increased brand exposure, market penetration, and positioning the brand for further growth and success. We’ve improved marketing performance, increased brand consistency, and data/results-driven marketing and business decisions. This overall support has empowered Chantel to focus on her strengths while entrusting the marketing function to our team, resulting in improved overall business performance.


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