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IVLeague Marketing is dedicated to leveling the playing field for minority-owned businesses. We provide marketing & business development services to BIPOC owners who face start-up woes such as, lack of capital, marketing experience, time and/or connections to scale at the pace of corporate conglomerates.


When we join your team we give YOU time back to focus on your amazing brand. Our process provides structure, strategy, execution and an overall elevated marketing solution.

Black IVLEAGUE Ecosystem Logo - Black_ed

Black IVLeague Ecosystem is a curated community of credible and reputable Black-owned business owners rooted in similar values and purpose. We utilize the power of connectivity to unify like-minded Black-owned business owners. As the nucleus, we identify unique strategic partnerships that provide valuable business efficiency resources, drive brand awareness, and generate revenue that circulates within OUR businesses & communities.

How we support you


Providing access, support, events, and resources to help you supercharge your business growth.


Increasing your brand awareness through our community's commitment to 'buy from within' our network.


Teaching trades and financial confidence while being a center for Black commerce and wealth.


Ivy Scott


Meet the

Ivy Scott is a proud Dallas, Texas native and graduate of Clark Atlanta University. Over the past 13+ years, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in strategic marketing and brand management for national and global organizations such as Warner Media, Discovery Communications, and Marriott International Headquarters.

In 2020, she was furloughed and presented with a voluntary termination package. She took the offer and betted on herself; packing up her son, grandmother, and home to start a new chapter in Atlanta. She realized Corporate America was her crutch - in the midst of her success, she lost sense of self.  As faith would have it, she stumbled upon the opportunity to do business development and marketing consulting for a friend's business. One day, while working her eyes fixated on the iconic Black Wall Street photo hanging at the door entrance. Although she had seen this image many times, this day it had a new meaning, one that would change the trajectory of her life forever.


This was the birth of, IVLeague, a fusion of passion & purpose work.  She now utilizes her massive network & years of marketing expertise to support small Black-owned businesses while creating a nucleus that circulates the Black dollar within the BIPOC community.



  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Management

  • Brand Development 

  • Production Management

  • Web Design

  • Creative & Graphic Design

  • Email Marketing 

  • Event & Conference Curator

  • Pitch Development

  • Presentation Development

  • Partnerships & Sponsorships

  • Panel Moderation

  • Keynote Speaker

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